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Aviation Law

Experience you can count on.

Aviation Law

Mr. Wintermeyer has extensive legal and professional experience in the field of Aviation. He has experience litigating aviation and aviation related cases and has been involved as a testifying expert at trial. Mr. Wintermeyer is a panel attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association‘s Pilot Protection Services. He is active in helping pilots and mechanics with FAA enforcement and compliance issues. Learn more.

Business Law

Mr. Wintermeyer has experience with a wide range of issues in business law. He will be glad to help you form and maintain a business entity.  He has experience litigating complex business issues, including multi-member derivative actions. Learn more.

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In the News

DEAL OR NO DEAL?  Mr. Wintermeyer writes for AOPA on the perils and nuance of contract negotiations in the digital age.  To read the article, click the link above.

Mr. Wintermeyer gave a legal presentation at the 2013 Annual Twin Commander Fly-in, providing insight into regulations and procedures involving ramp checks, including permission required to enter an aircraft and potential scenarios regarding teardown of the aircraft for inspection.

Mr. Wintermeyer helped a local association of aircraft owner’s and pilots negotiate lease terms at the new Cleveland, Tennessee Airport (KRZR).

Mr. Wintermeyer was featured in an article in the Sunday Business Section of the New York Times.